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Note Counters - High Quality Note Counting Machines

Count cash accurately every time with quick banknote counters

Bringing in big bundles of cash is one of the reasons you’re in business. But when cashing up or counting money throughout the day becomes a hassle, our note counters are what you need. Read more...

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Safescan 2000 Portable Banknote Counter

Safescan 2000 Portable Banknote Counter£70.00 + VAT  (1)

Counts up to 600 banknotes per minute. Suitable for all currencies. Also works on batteries.

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Safescan 2210 Banknote Counter

Safescan 2210 Banknote Counter£168.00 + VAT  (12)

Note counter with UV counterfeit detection and add and batch function. Counts 1000 notes/minute.

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Safescan 2250 Banknote Counter

Safescan 2250 Banknote Counter£205.00 + VAT  (3)

Note counter with UV, MG and IR detection and add and batch function which counts 1000 bills/minute.

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Safescan 2610 Banknote Counter

Safescan 2610 Banknote Counter£289.00 + VAT  (1)

Checks & counts bank notes. High capacity banknote counting with UV counterfeit detection

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Safescan 2650 Banknote Counter

Safescan 2650 Banknote Counter£344.00 + VAT  (1)

High capacity banknote counting. 3 point counterfeit detection: UV, MG and size. Alarm with suspected banknote

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Safescan 2660-S Banknote Counter

Safescan 2660-S Banknote Counter£387.00 + VAT  (1)

The 2660 model has 6-fold counterfeit detection, 6 default currencies with a 100% score from a ECB test

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Safescan 2685-S Banknote Counter

Safescan 2685-S Banknote Counter£596.00 + VAT  (2)

Counts and checks mixed GBP and EURO. Counts up to 1500 notes/min. Counts sorted and unsorted notes with 6-point counterfeit detection.

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Safescan 2985-SX Banknote Counter

Safescan 2985-SX Banknote Counter£1,574.00 + VAT 

Counts sorted and unsorted banknotes. Dual-pocket configuration. 8-point counterfeit detection. 

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Cleaning Cards (Pack of 10 x 2)

Cleaning Cards (Pack of 10 x 2)£23.97 + VAT 

Cleans sensors and transport mechanism. Water-based, no chemicals. Packed in airtight sleeves

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Safescan MCS Money Counting software

Safescan MCS Money Counting software£49.00 + VAT  (1)

Software for processing counting results. Upload counting results and store them on your PC. For use with Safescan 6165, 6185, 2465-S, 2665-S, 2685-S, 2985-SX

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Safescan USB Update Cable 2600

Safescan USB Update Cable 2600£6.00 + VAT 

USB Update cable for Safescan 2660, 2665, 2680, 2685 and 2985

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