Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM110 Bench and Floor Scale
Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM110 Bench and Floor Scale
Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM110 Bench and Floor Scale

Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM110 Bench and Floor Scale

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Avery Weigh-Tronix
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Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM110 Series Highlights

The ZM110 with BSL Base can be supplied as a Class III, EC and OIML trade approved bench scale system at 3,000 divisions as well as 6,000 divisions for applications where trade approval is not required. As a system, the BSL Base combines with a pole-mounted indicator that can be used for a wide range of general purpose floor or bench base type applications.


  • General Weighing: Designed to weigh in lb, kg, or pieces, the ZM110 with BSL Base System can easily be set into sample mode - ideal for counting a wide range of medium sized components.
  • Check weighing & Check Counting: Ideal for guaranteeing product or box quantities are within an agreed weight or count size and for repetitive packing applications, the ZM110 Digital Bench Series easily switches between general weighing, check weighing, and check counting.
  • Base Construction: With 150% overload protection, powder coated tubular base frames constructed of mild steel, and four corner stops the load cell are well-protected. The base frame is fitted with four large, lockable, adjustable anti-slip feet ideal for levelling the base if positioned on uneven ground.
  • Load Cell: This base is fitted with a robust, R60 C3 approved, aluminium IP66 load cell
  • Top Pan: The base is fully covered with a removable, hard-wearing, food grade 304 stainless steel top pan.
  • Indicator Construction: The ABS housed Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM110 Indicator has a large, easy-to-read 50 mm x 165 mm LCD back lit display with 40 mm high digits and built-in battery that allows this product to be used in low lit areas or in areas where power outlets are hard to find. The ZM110 with BSL Base System can provide over 107 hours of battery life between charges.
  • We have None Trade and Trade Approved models available.


  • Weighing
  • Basic counting
  • Check counting
  • Check weighing


Model ZM110 60 ZM110 60
Trade Approved
ZM110 150 ZM110 150
Trade Approved
ZM110 300 ZM110 300
Trade Approved
Capacity 60kg 60kg 150kg 150kg 300kg 300kg
Readability 10g 20g 20g 50g 50g 100g
Trade Approved No Yes No Yes No Yes
Pan Size 400 mm x 400 mm 400 mm x 500 mm 400 mm x 500 mm
500 mm x 600 mm
Weighing Units Allows up to two units of measure plus piece counting (kg, pounds, grams, pounds/ounces). Primary unit of measure kg. 
Capacity Selections  Configurable 999,999 with decimal located zero to five places
Division increment  1 to 50 in multiples and sub-multiples of 1, 2, 5
Auto Zero Tracking Configurable +/- 0 to 5 divisions
Overload Protection 150% overload protection
Gravity Setting  Allows a different gravity to be entered into the scale after calibration
Power Requirements  Supplied with a switching power adapter with interchangeable plug ends to cover UK, EU and Australian plug requirements input 100 - 240 volt ~ 50/60 Hz, 0.4A Max output voltage 12 VDC, 1000mA with positive centre 
Battery Built-in Lead Acid battery (DJW6-4.0 6V 4.0AH) to give up to 107 hours between recharges
Power Save Options Configurable backlight settings to turn off backlight. When scale is sitting stable for long periods of time, any movement will turn the backlight back on. Auto off feature can be set to turn off the scale when not in use. Auto off from off to 99 minutes.
Enclosure Housed in a tough, black, ABS enclosure with rear external battery cover with battery installed. Also supplied with detachable, adjustable pole mounting bracket. 
Base Construction Powder coated mild steel fabricated top and bottom base frames with a 304 stainless steel removable weight platter and a R60 approved C3 aluminium IP66 load cell. 
Built-in Indicator Column Supplied with 650 mm high stainless steel pole for easily mounting the ZM110 Indicator to the base
Feet Fitted with four large, anti-slip, adjustable, black feet, all with locking nuts
Operational Keys  Eight operation keys (Unit, Select, Print, Zero, Tare x 2, On, Off ). Two functional tare keys to accommodate both left and right hand dominant operators. 
Status Annunciators Center of Zero, Motion, Gross, Net, Memory +, Battery Charge
Display 50 mm x 165 mm (2” x 6.5”) Large, easy-to-read LCD, backlit display with 40 mm (1.6”) high seven digit seven segment display
Operating Temperature -10° to 40° C / 14° to 104° F
Operating Humidity 10 to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
Communications One RS232 optional (distributor fit only)
Approvals OIML (European and UK) Class III 4,200 d TEC : 0200-NAWI-05920 OIML CoC for ZM110: R76/2006-A-DK2-19.04 RoHs II compliant CE
Dimensions 500 mm x 600 mm x 900 mm (W x D x H)


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2 Reviews:

Avery rocks, Dymo sucks
27 May 2021  | 

My latest toy is a weighing scale by Avery. It isn't until you have spent a few years with a rubbish scale, like the DYMO S100, that you appreciate how good a decent scale is. Lets look at the differences:
The Dymo S100: Weighs up to 100Kg. Has a "bumper" round the outside which is only a couple of mm shy of the weighing platform, meaning that if the bag or box sags over the edge slightly, then you get a false reading. The Dymo is very aggressive at turning it's self off, even if you are not using the battery - every time you turn your back it switches off. You CAN get it to stay on... but you have to remember the special button sequence when you switch it on. The display is held in place by magnets which are far too weak for the job, It has a USB power option but that means that it has to be plugged into a mains USB adapter - if you use a power bank, the scale uses such little power that a USB power bank will switch off. The switches are useless - there has been a "knack" to how to press the "on" button since it was new and I think that it is the eventual failure of the power switch that caused it's final demise. The display is on a curly lead that is so fat and curly that it won't fit into the slot that is meant to house it (and the magnets are not strong enough to hold it there) but the lead is not long enough to make it easy to read when weighing a large box. Every time I used it, I expressed my hatred for the useless thing. Especially when I had to weigh large boxes that required a platform (that you had to zero out) in order to be able to see the display whilst not fouling the bumpers. 150 that I regretted spending. I did review the scale on the Dymo web site but they simply deleted it.
The Avery ZM110 by contrast, is a great bit of kit, weighing up to 150Kg. It has a large (40x50cm) weighing platform that is 15cm off the deck, so it is never going to give a false reading. The the weighing surface is stainless steel, which is not important for me, but essential if you are handing food. It has a mains adapter plus a built in 170 hour rechargeable battery, enough to keep it running for a week. The display is huge, backlit and super easy to read. The display is easily visible over may largest boxes but even if it wasn't, I could twist the display to be viewed from the side or the rear. The only catch is: Don't buy it from Avery! They wanted 454 + VAT. I threw my hands up in horror and a few hours later they revised that down to 363 but I had already googled and found it at outweigh.co.uk for 225 + VAT with free delivery in under 24 hours. It was a bit of a faf feeding cables through the stand tube but now it is sorted, it is a pleasure to use.
Avery rocks, Dymo sucks.

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Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM110 Bench and Floor Scale
02 April 2021  | 

Good little scale, nice big display, easy to use & very good value for the money.

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