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Money Counting Scales

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Brecknell CC804 Coin Counting Scale

Brecknell CC804 Coin Counting Scale£115.00   £59.00 + VAT


Battery and mains powered electronic coin counter, suitable for weighing up to 2kg

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Safescan 6165 Coin & Banknote Counter

Safescan 6165 Coin & Banknote Counter£187.90   £149.00 + VAT  (7)

A superior all-round machine that counts both coins and notes.

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Safescan 6185 Coin & Banknote Counting Scale

Safescan 6185 Coin & Banknote Counting Scale£259.00   £239.00 + VAT  (3)

The Safescan 6185 Coin & note counter counts coins, notes, coin rolls and banknote bundles. 

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Brecknell B140 Coin Counting Scales

Brecknell B140 Coin Counting Scales£280.00   £165.00 + VAT


High capacity coin counter. Counts US Dollars, GB Pounds and Euros with big and small bag selection.

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Adam CCEU Coin Counting Scale

Adam CCEU Coin Counting Scale£265.00   £195.00 + VAT


Coin and token counting scale that offers quick performance to count accurately. For GBP or Euro.

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Safescan MCS Money Counting software

Safescan MCS Money Counting software£51.00   £49.00 + VAT


Software for processing counting results. Upload counting results and store them on your PC. For use with Safescan 6165, 6185, 2465-S, 2665-S, 2685-S, 2985-SX

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Safescan-TP-230 Thermal Printer

Safescan-TP-230 Thermal Printer£141.00   £99.00 + VAT


Compatible with Safescan 1250, 6155, 6185, 2465-S, 2665-S, 2885-SX and 2985-SX

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Safescan LB-205 Rechargeable Battery

Safescan LB-205 Rechargeable Battery£26.00   £25.00 + VAT


Rechargeable battery for use with Safescan 6185

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