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Cash up quicker and more accurately with high quality money counters

It’s great bringing in the pennies, but when cashing up starts taking up too much of your valuable time and effort, you need a precision money counter from Our Weigh in your life.

Our high quality, reliable and accurate money counting machines speed up your cash counting, helping you avoid costly errors, whether you’re counting Sterling, Euros or US Dollars. Read more...

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Safescan MCS Money Counting software

Safescan MCS Money Counting software£49.00 + VAT  (1)

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Safescan 1250 GBP Coin Counter & Sorter

Safescan 1250 GBP Coin Counter & Sorter£119.00 + VAT  (21)

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Safescan 30 Counterfeit Detector Pen

Safescan 30 Counterfeit Detector Pen£1.27 + VAT  (3)

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