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Marsden CC-310 Carry Case

Marsden CC-310 Carry Case£14.00 + VAT 

Carry Case for Marsden M-310 Handheld Baby Scale

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Seca 412 Transport Case

Seca 412 Transport Case£21.00 + VAT 

The Seca 217 stadiometer can be stored away compactly and easily transported in this tailor-made transport case.

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Marsden CC-400 Carry Case

Marsden CC-400 Carry Case£28.00 + VAT 

Carry Case for Marsden M-400 and M-410 baby scales.

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Marsden CC-420 Carry Case

Marsden CC-420 Carry Case£28.00 + VAT 

Carry Case for M-420, M-425, M-430 and M-510 portable floor scales

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Marsden CC-600 Carry Case

Marsden CC-600 Carry Case£28.00 + VAT 

Carry Case for Marsden M-600 Hoist Weighing Scale

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Seca 413 Carry Case

Seca 413 Carry Case£28.50 + VAT  (1)

Transport case for baby scales seca 835 or seca 834.

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Seca 421 Carry Case

Seca 421 Carry Case£28.50 + VAT 

Stable and roomy mobile case for seca 862, seca 884, seca 888, seca 761 and seca 791.

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Seca 423 Carry Case

Seca 423 Carry Case£28.50 + VAT 

seca 423 Case for personal scale seca 761.

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Seca 415 Carry Case

Seca 415 Carry Case£29.00 + VAT 

Carrying case to safely transport either of the following flat scales: seca 878, seca 877 or seca 875.

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Marsden CC-605 Carry Case

Marsden CC-605 Carry Case£30.00 + VAT 

Carry Case for Marsden M-605 Hoist Weighing Scale

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Marsden RK-400 Ruck Sack

Marsden RK-400 Ruck Sack£30.00 + VAT  (2)

Rucksack for Marsden Models M-400/ M-410 and M-300 baby scales

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Seca 428 Carry Case

Seca 428 Carry Case£37.00 + VAT 

Case for baby scales Seca 336 and Seca 335

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Seca 414 Carry Case

Seca 414 Carry Case£42.00 + VAT 

Case for the electronic baby scales seca 384, 835 and seca 834, with handle or strap.

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Marsden CC-610 Carry Cases

Marsden CC-610 Carry Cases£55.00 + VAT 

Carry Cases for Marsden M-610 Wheelchair Scale

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Seca 409 Large Backpack

Seca 409 Large Backpack£62.00 + VAT 

Large backpack to transport the flat scales seca 217, adapter seca 437 and either flat scales seca 899, seca 875, and seca 877.

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Page 1 of 1:    15 Items