RS Mizar Moissanite Terminator II

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Moissanite Terminator II

The MT2 moissanite tester is used to identity artificial moissanite gem stones and other man made synthetic gemstones. Ease of use makes this the most popular moissanite tester. No power pack or spring clips needed, it works off a 9V battery. The Moissanite Terminator II has dual test voltages to insure good results. In the case of some Moissanite stones testing you need to do further testing such as checking for Double Refraction also shining UV light (similar to the ones used to detect counterfeit currency) on the stone while testing would help to distinguish moissanite from other stones.


  • Power: Operates on a 9V battery (included)
  • Dimensions: 170 x 25 x 55 mm
  • Net Weight: 106 g

2 Year Warranty

RS Mizar products are manufactured according to high standards for quality and safety. As a result, this product comes with a 2 year warranty.

In The Box

  • RS Mizar Moissanite Terminator II
  • Probe Protector
  • Metal Test Tray
  • 9V Battery
  • User Manual
How it Works

Identification of Parts

1. Probe and Probe Cover
2. Moissanite Indicator
3. Adjustment Knob
4. Testing / Battery OK Indicator
5. Battery Compartment / Cover
6. Test Button

Moissanite Testing Instructions

  1. Set the adjustment knob to the right (large stone setting #3).
  2. Remove protective end cap (#1).
  3. With your thumb, press the “press and hold button” (#6) while your fingers touch the rear metal plate.
  4. The yellow testing light (#4) should illuminate and must stay on throughout all testing.
  5. With your other hand, hold the metal part of the ring or any solid metal part containing the gem stone. when using the loose stone holder your other hand must hold the loose stone holder.
  6. Place the tester probe in the center of the gemstone to be tested without touching the tester probe to any metal surface. do this in a manner that the metal part of the testing probe is a far away as possible from any metal findings or gem holding device. because moissanite gem stones are inconsistent, for best results be sure to touch 3 or 4 points around the center of the gemstone.
  7. If a moissanite gemstone is being tested, you will hear a discontinuous beep and see a flashing green light (#2).
  8. Real gemstones will not indicate when using the mt2 tester. in order to identify natural diamonds, a thermal diamond tester such as the R S Mizar “prestige series ii” must be used.
  9. Use the small stone setting only when testing small stones, approximately 3.5 mm or smaller, or when you cannot keep the probe a tenth of an inch from the metal prongs or surface.

Note: To test unmounted stones place the stone in loose stone holder. Always hold the loose stone holder with your free hand.

Helpful Tips

  • Always make sure that the gemstone to be tested is clean and dry.
  • The only error that can be made is getting too close to the metal surface. when this happens, a small blue glow can usually be observed from the probe to the metal. if this happens, a moissanite indication will be seen and heard. keep the probe away from the metal surfaces.
  • It is best to test in a circular motion around the center of the gemstone. several points on the stone should always be checked.
  • The yellow testing light must remain on during all testing. if it doesn’t the battery needs to be replaced. use a non-rechargable 9 volt alkaline battery.
  • To identify moissanite gemstones and other man made simulants and also the “Forever One” moissanite some further testing maybe required such as uv light e.t.c.
  • No indication will be seen or heard when using the “mt-2” tester on any natural gemstones.
  • A function test can be done by simply touching your free hand to the tester probe. Moissanite will be indicated.


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RS Mizar Moissanite Terminator II User Manual

Product User Manual

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1 Review:

moissanite terminator ii.
07 June 2014  | 

So far so good only used a couple of times, the press & hold button has to be pressed quite firmly to get a reading but yes its a good item.

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