Marsden UF Mild Steel U-frame Scale
Marsden UF Mild Steel U-frame Scale
Marsden UF Mild Steel U-frame Scale
Marsden UF Mild Steel U-frame Scale

Marsden UF Mild Steel U-frame Scale

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U-frame scale for industrial use

The Marsden UF mild steel u-frame is a customisable, portable scale for weighing palletised goods. The u-frame can accommodate any forklift or pallet truck between the forks.

It is portable, highly accurate and built to last – and available with a choice of standard, parts counting, wash-down, or check-weighing indicators. There is a choice of capacities and graduations, too – the lower the capacity the higher the accuracy. Choose from capacities of 600 kg to 2000 kg, and graduations from 200 g to 0.5 kg.

The Marsden UF is lightweight and fitted with handle and wheels, allowing the u-frame scale to be easily moved to where they are needed or stored away when not in use. Adjustable levelling feet allow the Marsden UF to sit level, even if the ground is a little uneven. 4m of armoured loadcell cable also included, which provides strength and durability for reliable weighing.

Features & Benefits

  • Capacity: 600 kg - 2000 kg
  • Readability: 0.2 kg - 0.5 kg
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Mild steel structure
  • Handle and wheels for portability
  • Customise the scale to your requirements
  • Available with a wide range of indicators
  • Ideal for warehouses, factories, and heavy industry
  • Adjustable levelling feet
  • 4m of loadcell cable

Choice of Indicators

Choice of Standard Weighing, Parts Counting, Wash-down and Check-weighing indicators

Standard Indicator

Marsden I-400

The Marsden I-400 is a versatile non-approved weighing indicator.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Large, bright 32mm LED weight display
  • Zero, tare, basic counting and accumulation mode
  • Hold/Animal Weighing Mode
  • Weighs in kg or lb
  • Mains/Rechargeable

The I-400 comes with a bracket for mounting the indicator to a wall or bench, and the indicator can be powered from the mains or the internal rechargeable battery.

Parts Counting Indicator

Jadever JWI-700C

The Jadever JWI-700C indicator is a sophisticated, parts counting indicator.

  • Sophisticated count function
  • High impact ABS housing
  • 3 x LCD displays for weight and count
  • Zero, Hi/Lo alarm, Tare
  • Adjustable resolutions
  • Mains/Rechargeable

The Jadever JWI-700C indicator is a sophisticated, non-approved digital indicator. It includes features, such as parts counting, sampling and check weighing features.

Wash-down Indicator

Marsden I-100SS

The Marsden I-100SS is our best-selling stainless steel indicator for industrial scales.

  • IP65 wipe-down stainless steel indicator
  • Best-selling stainless steel indicator
  • Simple and easy to use
  • LCD weight display with backlight
  • Counting, Zero and Tare function
  • Mains/Rechargeable

It’s hard wearing, practical and affordable, and has a number of functions to make weighing easier: Tare, a basic counting function and an accumulation mode, to find the total of several weight readings.

Check-weighing Indicator

Jadever JIK

The Jadever JIK is an intelligent IP67 indicator with a wide range of features and data transfer options.

  • IP67 splash proof, stainless steel indicator
  • RS-232 interface board
  • Large backlight display
  • Unit Switchable, Liquid Filling, Data Transfer, Counting, Zero, Tare, Pre-set Tare
  • Mains/Rechargeable

You can also transfer weight / count data directly from the indicator to a computer. Other key features include Counting, Tare, Pre-set Tare, second scale input and optional remote display.

1 Year Warranty

This Marsden product has a 1 year warranty



Indicator Model





Capacity x Readability 600kg x 0.2kg
1500kg x 0.2kg
1500kg x 0.5kg
2000kg x 0.5kg
Frame Size 1250 x 850 mm
IP Rating N/A IP 65 IP 67
Display LED LCD
Weighing Units kg, lb
Functions Basic Counting
Parts Counting
Tare / Preset Tare
Basic Counting
Liquid Filling
Power Supply Mains / Rechargeable Mains Mains / Rechargeable
Battery Life 40 hours of continuous use
Dimensions (Indicator) 225 x 110 x 205mm 270 x 105 x 165mm 230 x 165 x 145mm 290 x 100 x 190mm
Dimensions (Beam) 1250 x 850 x 90 mm
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