How Do Cash Drawers Work?


How to make your points-of-sale safe and secure

Whether you’re a larger retailer with high volumes of till transactions, or a smaller independent outlet with less frequent cash register activity, here at Our Weigh, we have cash drawers and point-of-sale safes that meet your needs.

Why you should use a cash drawer

Cash drawers not only feature (often removable) trays with compartments that keep your money organised throughout your trading day, but more well made drawers have a sturdy metal outer that protects your cash and deters would-be thieves.

We stock a wide range of durable drawers, with thick-gauge steel exterior, shatterproof PVC trays and sturdy locks all providing added security at your checkouts.

Choosing between light, standard and heavy duty

This is all about how often you’ll open and close your cash drawer during the day, as the slider mechanism is made differently on drawers that will only be used occasionally, as opposed to several times a minute.

Whichever you choose, the cash drawer itself will be made from the highest-quality steel and shatterproof PVC.

How cash drawers work

There are simple cash drawers which pull open and push closed, right up to technologically advanced drawers that connect to your cash register or receipt printer using the industry-standard RJ12 interface.

This has electronic controls to ensure your drawer will only open when you touch the button on the register screen or when your printer prints a receipt, or alternatively you can set it to manual control.

Differences between a 3-position and 4-position lock

All the locks on our weigh cash drawers have three positions that correspond to manual, printer-driven and locked functions. On 4-position locks, there’s the option to lock the drawer when it’s open or closed.

Some of our drawers also feature “easy-push” when the lock’s in the online position, which lets you open the till manually by turning the lock to position 3, or with a simple push when in position 2.

Why point-of-sale safes are useful

POS safes significantly reduce the chance of theft by keeping your cash registers free of large quantities of cash.

These let you store large denomination banknotes, discretely beneath your cash desk, so you can access the storage cassette at the end of the day with the secure dual key system that’s included.