How Do Coin Counters & Coin Sorters Work?


How do coin counting & coin sorting machines work?

Precision coin counters and coin sorters are ideal for speeding up your end-of-day cash-up and helping you avoid counting errors.

Wondering how they perform this time-saving task so well? Here’s a little bit about how each Our Weigh coin counter and sorter machine works...

How do coin counters sort coins?

All coins in each currency have their own unique diameter and thickness. And just like a human can tell them apart without looking, mixed coin counters use automated sensors and rotating discs to identify coins based on their size, and then funnel them into separate receiving cups.

How do coin counters count coins?

Coin counters are smarter than you think, using sensors to instantly identify and count each type of coin as it passes by. Safescan 1250, for instance, uses a dual optical sensor system which remembers each coin’s size, counts them as they are dropped into the correct cup, and stores the total count in the memory.

How do weight-based coin counters work?

Coins are not only sized differently, but weighted differently too, and we stock high-precision money counting scales which use finely calibrated load cells to weigh several coins once.

The load cells use an electronic signal to accurately measure and calculate the weight of the coins, matching them up with the denominations and currencies in the machine’s memory, to give you an instant reading of your total.

Check out our article on counting money by weight to find out more about how this works.