How Do Money Counting Scales Work?

How weight-based money counting works

The highly accurate precision money counting scales we offer at Our Weigh not only make cash-counting quicker throughout your day, but eliminate errors too.

Here’s some info about how they work and how they can help you.

The science behind money counting scales

One of the quickest, easiest and most accurate ways to count banknotes or coins is by weight, and our precision money counting scales are designed to give you an instant and exact calculation.

Machines such as the Safescan 6185 use finely calibrated load cells which create an electrical signal which immediately measures any weight or force applied.

In the machine’s memory is a table of weights for all supported currencies and denominations, whether loose or in bags/bundles. So you can accurately count a range of coins and banknotes in seconds.

Why money scales are so reliable

Although all banknotes and coins have a precise and equal weight when originally circulated, notes pick up grime and gradually become heavier, while coins have small pieces chipped off. So lots of maths is involved to keep the calculations correct.

With the Safescan 6185 for instance, the table of weights in the machine’s memory contains the weights of many stacks of circulated and uncirculated banknotes or coins, with complex algorithms determining the precise number of notes or coins being weighed.

How quick money scales really are

When you need to save time, money scales are the way to go. They all count your coins and banknotes six times faster than by hand, and twice as quick as using separate note and coin counters.

Some of the money counting scales we stock at Our Weigh feature smart accessories to speed the process up even more – such as machines that recognise the coin cup sizes that fit into cash drawers, effectively reducing the time it takes to count your till to just 2 minutes.

Why weight-based money counters are a wise choice

Money scales are the jack of all trades of the money counting world. Mainly because banknote counters aren’t built to count coins, and vice versa for coin counters.

With many money scales, you can enter manual values for cheques, credit cards, vouchers, coupons, tokens and chips. Some machines even let you export all your data to cash-handling software, to become an all-in-one integrated cash counter, built for the fast-paced digital age.