Seca 675 Class III Wheelchair Scales
Seca 675 Class III Wheelchair Scales
Seca 675 Class III Wheelchair Scales

Seca 675 Class III Wheelchair Scales

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Product Information

Use the Seca 675 to weigh patients in wheelchairs without restrictions

This electrically-operated, generously-sized wheelchair/ platform scale is multifunctional. It weighs patients in care, especially heavy patients, persons in wheelchairs and seated patients with circulatory trouble, even during dialysis. The flexible cable remote display can be placed anywhere (e.g. on a desk or table) for convenient read-out and operation of the controls. A wall mounting is also provided. Transport castors and a handle make the seca 675 mobile. Measurements can be transmitted wirelessly to a PC or EMR system immediately after weighing.

  • Large platform with high load-bearing capacity. Simply weigh the wheelchair too: The oversized non-slip platform of the seca 675 offers plenty of space for all conventional wheelchair models. For patients who have trouble standing, a chair can be placed on the scale – comfort and convenience that cannot be weighed. The pre-TARE function simply subtracts the added weight of the chair or wheelchair and provides the weight of the patient alone. Thanks to its high load-bearing capacity of 300 kg, the scale is perfectly suited for use by seriously overweight persons.
  • Versatile wired remote display. Because the display element of the seca 675 is connected to the scale by means of 2.30 m long cable, it can be positioned where the user can most easily read the results. A wall mounting is also included in the standard delivery.
  • Easy to transport. Despite its size, the seca 675 is amazingly easy to handle. When upright, the scale can be moved easily on castors and steered by means of the integrated handle. This feature makes the seca 675 suitable for mobile use.
  • Optional: non-slip base. The seca 472 stand is the stable solution for cable remote displays of seca 675. The stable construction with non-slip rubber feet replaces the former model on transport castors and can be positioned everywhere quickly and securely. The display element can easily be attached to the stand by means of a stable bracket. The height of the display is continuously adjustable up to 100 cm.

Product Features

  • Generously sized platform and very high capacity.
  • Suitable for weighing persons in a wheelchair or on a chair.
  • Compatible with all EMR systems and EMR ready seca products.
  • Flexible cable remote display.
  • A ramp for easy roll-on of wheelchair is included in delivery
  • Transport castors.
  • Auto-HOLD
  • Automatic weighing range switch-over
  • BMI
  • Adjustable damping
  • HOLD
  • Pre-TARE
  • TARE
  • Transport castors

Technical Data

  • Capacity: 300 kg
  • Graduation: 100 g < 200 kg > 200 g
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 904 x 70 x 1,064 mm
  • Dimensions/platform (W x H x D): 760 x 55 x 930 mm
  • Weight: 27 kg
  • Power supply: power adapter
  • Functions: TARE, pre-TARE, HOLD, auto-HOLD, BMI, auto-CLEAR, auto weighing range switch-over, damping, automatic switch-off
  • Optional: stand for cable remote display seca 472, second ramp seca 470
  • Approval class: III

4 Year Warranty

Seca products are manufactured according to high standards for quality and safety. As a result, this Seca product comes with a 4 year warranty.



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Seca 675 Product Brochure

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Seca 675 User Manual

Product User Manual

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